20 March, 2007

Salice Salentino D.O.C. 2004-Feudo Monaci

Whenever I go to my Paperina there is always wine available and today there is no difference. Accompanied by a superb steak "alla Fabiana", we almost finished the bottle. She was very enthusiastic about the wine (Her score was 1,5 pepper), I wasn't. The aftertaste disappears quickly and it all tasted a bit bitter to me. The aromas were nice in the beginning, but tend to be weakening pretty fast (Being a "fresh one" in the wine world, I still can't provide you an aromatic description). The azienda is located in the beautiful Castello Monaci. Although this producer is known as one of the best in Puglia, it will take some time for me to try this wine again.

Wine: Salice Salentino D.O.C. 2004
Grape: Negro Amaro, Malvasia (up to 20%)
Region: Puglia-Salice Salentino
Producer: Feudo Monaci
Price: € 4.05
Available at: Carrefour and Coop Ipermercato in Italia
Rating: 1 pepper

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Fabiana said...

Readers will never know that 5 minutes after writing the first 2 sentences of this post you fell asleep on the couch....OOPS!
Now they know...


Il salice salentino non perdona!