20 March, 2007

Gran Reserva Valdepeñas D.O.1999-Baron del Cega

A few weeks ago I was wandering through the Lidl to score some cheap icecream and meat, until my attention got caught by a billboard with the text "Beste keuze Consumentenbond". Are they testing wines besides refrigerators these days ? Curious as I am, I decided to buy a bottle of this wine as a week before I drank a nice Berberana Dragon Tempranillo from AH.

It looks like the labels and barcode were printed on an Epson Stylus from 4 years ago. The wine doesn't taste bad, but after a few glasses, the headache starts to kick in. When my nose inspects the wine, I tend to first perceive the smell of chemicals and then nothing. Also the aftertaste disappears fast with every sip I take. For me this will be the last Aldi/Lidl wine I spent my money on. The Consumentenbond can better restrict themselves to babyseats and refrigerators....

Wine: Gran Reserva 1999 D.O.
Grape: 100 %Tempranillo
Region: Valdepeñas-Espana
Producer: Baron del Cega (I doubt if this producer exists !)
Price: € 3.99
Available at: Lidl-Delft
Rating: 1/2 pepper

1 comment:

Toky said...

Pity for you man... I get no chemicals only lovely matures Spanish flavours..