03 April, 2007

Blason de Bourgogne Chablis 2005-Philibert Ducard

Wine: Philibert Ducard Chablis 2005
Grape: Chardonnay
Region: Bourgogne-Chablis
Producer: Philibert Ducard
Price: € 10.99
Available at:
Gall & Gall
Rating: 2 peppers

It is getting warmer in this "kikkerlandje" so the whites and rosé's can be opened instead of the reds. The Chablis is already for a long time on my list and finally I had enough courage to buy one (knowing it is a overpriced wine). At the Gall & Gall my choice fell on this Chablis, aged in oak barrels. This is noticeable in nose and taste. At the right temperature of 10 degrees, the wine is crisp, has wood and an ok aftertaste. You can't go bad with this one, but the price could be a bit less in my opinion.

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